Our Jewelry and Materials

Say goodbye to exorbitant markups! At Berradas, we believe that everybody should have access to top-notch, enduring jewelry without breaking the bank.

Our products are crafted with materials and quality standards that rival the finest luxury brands, yet you'll notice that our prices align with those of mid-range brands offering items made from inferior materials. Discover what sets Berradas jewelry apart by exploring more below...

Materials in Berradas Jewelry

  1. Sterling silver: Sterling silver stands as a fundamental material in top-tier jewelry, comprising a precious metal alloy crafted from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. This serves as an excellent foundational material due to its durability and flexibility. And here's an interesting tidbit: All our silver-tone pieces undergo rhodium plating, a rare and precious metal that imparts additional shine, luster, and longevity to each piece.

  2. Gold vermeil: (vehr-may) Our 18k Gold Vermeil collection, a premier form of gold-plated jewelry. Crafted from sterling silver as the base material, each piece boasts a generously thick layer of gold plating, we meticulously applying 5 micrometers (5 μm) of 18k gold – that's five times the industry standard ~100x thicker than regular "Fashion jewelry". This meticulous process results in jewelry that exudes opulence and maintains its radiant finish. 

  3. Solid 18k gold: The ultimate luxury material, gold is a rare precious metal that does not oxidize or discolour. We use 18k gold, which means it is 75% gold. We chose this colour for its beautiful, subtle hue and its durability.

  4. Tungsten carbide renowned for its remarkable strength and durability, is a composite material formed by combining tungsten and carbon. This unique alloy results in an exceptionally hard metal that boasts remarkable resistance to wear, scratches, and corrosion. In our men's ring collection, we primarily utilize tungsten carbide to provide a combination of enduring luster and outstanding resilience against scratches, corrosion, and everyday wear. This makes it an ideal choice for crafting men's jewelry.